week 10 blogging challange

1) I have 9 posts on my blog.

2) All of my blogs were for a challange

3) I received two comments from other people

4) No posts have recieved a comment

5) I enjoyed Blogging about my Favorie football player

6) I never changed a blog theme

7) I have 10 oversea studentrs on my blog roll

I had my mom answer the questions

1) It was very interresting

2) the tittles captured my attention

3) there was not a thing thatdestracted me

4) have more bloggs

Exploring Website Ideas

I visited the Coffee Pot website and i found two very good ideas for my website. The first idea I got from the website was the background. The other idea was to add a top bar with different sites to go to to learn more about the place. the next website I visited was Medal of Honor Warfighter website. One idea was to add a video to my page. The last idea was to add many colors to the page. After vistiting these two websites I have many ideas on what to put on my website.